ICUMSA 45 Sugar Brazil Origin

Welcome to the #1 ICUMSA 45 Sugar Export Company. Import directly from the ports in Brazil.

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Get in touch with us through our website's chat, email, phone, Whatsapp or Viber if you are looking to sell or buy Brazillian sugar - IC 45, 150, 200-600, 600-1200, Raw Turbinado. We have full authorization and licenses to trade with all ICUMSA variants worldwide including GACC for China, controlling the shares of dozen Sugar Refiniries and Mills throughout Brazil.

Simply put, we sell the very best and finest quality of sugar from Brazil.

  • Complete Quality Control Through SGS

  • Very Fast Delivery To Your Desired Safe Port

  • Working According To the Rules of the ICC

  • Our products include the variants of 45, 150, 200-600, 600-1200 and Brazillian Coffee.
Trading in 50KG Bags

Why ICUMZA 45 Sugar?

By the standards of the International Commission for Uniform Methods of Sugar Analysis, this type of sugar represents the highest quality refined sugar available on the markets. It is the common sugar used for human consumption, people always come across it almost at any market in the world. Highly used in various industries: cooking, chocolate and sweets, juice production, medicine among others.

As of 2023, Brazil remains the largest farming giant and producer or sugarcane, easily bypassing the other giants like Australia, Mexico, India, Thailand combined. With approximately half of the world's sugar exports, coming from Brazil, mainly the Santos port.

Long Shelf Life

As it is composed of up to 99.8% sucrose, it has the highest purity and can be stored up for up to 2 years. Making it super-profitable for buyers and importers.

How To Buy ICUMZA 45?

Our process is super easy. There are very few requirements for placing an order with us. Our company's representatives will make it easy for you. We do have the sugar produced and ready for shipping and delivery. Just reach out to us.

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