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Order Procedure for ICUMSA 45

Important for all customers: Our company is international, headquartered in London, United Kingdom. We ship the sugar from Brazil, Santos and Suape ports. Our company owns controlling shares in Brazilian sugar mills and refineries and we are able to offer you better pricing.

Acceptable Payment methods include transferable LC, DLC, SBLC, Deferred "USANCE" LC, Blockfunds, T/T, "Wire Transfers". Non-transferable Payment Instruments are accepted, at higher cost. We require the payment guarantees to be issued by one of the Top World Banks, see an example list here: Other banks are acceptable, but a Bank Guarantee letter (also known as "collateral letter"), securing the transaction may be needed, if no guarantee can be obtained, the acceptable method is ESCROW (learn more). We can allow witness from the Buyer team to be present during the Q&Q (SGS/CCIC) process at the loading port.

Important for Payment Release at Destination Port: For all customers who ask for payment release at destination port: ESCROW is required - third party bank account in top world banks, approved by both buyer and seller. Learn more about ESCROW on the following link: Learn About Escrow.

Important for Customers from China: who require GACC, AQSIQ and Uninterrupted Past Performance for past 12 months to China. BEFORE SHIPPING, the required information will be confirmed to you from our bank NatWest (United Kingdom) to your bank upon your submission of a "draft version of the Payment instrument", usually draft LC, draft DLC or draft SBLC against our FCO.
We already ship to China. GACC and all of the requirements from the Chinese governments are issued to you at port of Loading in Brazil, as part of the process.

Important for Customers from Bangladesh CFR is not allowed by Brazilian port authorities. Only CIF - Cargo, Insurance, Freight.

Note: MOQ / Minimum Order Quantity is 12500 Metric Tonnes. Vessels are 12500, 25000 and 50000 MT respectively. Acceptable orders can be in the following range: 12500, 25000, 37500, 50000, 62500, 75000, 87500, 100000 MT and above.

Intermediates, Mandates and Brokers: download this information as PDF here:

Standard Procedure, step-by-step

Send us a LOI "Letter of Intent". We need to know your target price, required amount of sugar, your payment method and your destination port.

We will send you Full Corporate Offer and Proforma Invoice against your LOI, outlining the procedures of the forthcoming SPA contract.

Send us back signed and stamped FCO, ICPO with full bank details and to avoid errors, loss of time and extra operational costs, the Buyer issues a draft version of the payment guarantee to the Seller for review. This can be in the form of: draft LC, draft DLC, draft SBLC, draft Blockfunds or other. If payment method is ESCROW: then any valid, bank-confirmed POF "Proof of Funds" is needed. This can be in the form of BCL "Bank Comfort or Confirmation Letter".

Upon approval of "the DRAFT version" your payment method, we will issue you, bank-to-bank, POP - "Proof of Product" and other necessary verifications, as well as draft SPA contract outlining all terms and conditions and delivery schedules. This contract can be further negotiated, upon its finalization, it is signed and stamped on all pages and lodged in both Buyer's and Seller's bank.

Within 5 banking days of signing the SPA Contract, the Buyer should issue us the Official Payment Guarantee. In return, upon your request, we will issue you PB "Performance Bond" of 2%.

Loading, Shipping and Delivery commences within the agreed number of days. As soon as the loading / discharge is completed, you will receive all relevant documents and certificates of Insurance, SGS/CCIC inspection, Bill of Lading among others. These are mailed to your office via DHL.

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